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Wellness Coach


I am a Wellness Coach who works with clients that are committed to investing in their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Together we work out what has been holding you back and we create new belief systems around your desired goals.

We work on developing your emotional intelligence and your thought patterns. I then develop a bespoke fitness and nutritional program tailored to your goals. I am committed to help you have your ceiling become your floor and you leave knowing there’s no limit to your potential.

People I have helped

Nicola - Group Area Manager for Temple Spa

“I have loved the group training sessions with Jenny. I had been lacking motivation to exercise my diet was really unhealthy prior to starting. The sessions set me up for the day. Easy to do for a beginner and although in a group it’s tailored to each person’s fitness level. My energy levels are much better, I feel fitter, healthier, my diet is better and it’s great being part of a fab group that all support each other”.

Abbey – Singer Song Writer

“I absolutely love starting my mornings with Jennie-Marie PT!
She inspires and encourages me to lead a healthier lifestyle whilst pushing me to become the best version of myself.
She understands my needs and my goals and it’s great to know she is there to help me achieve them. Her gracious, accepting attitude is what keeps me coming back for more, even when I feel I’ve disappointed myself she is always there to build me up and tell me I can do it! I highly recommend investing in some PT sessions with this wonderful woman.”

Fiona – Lawyer

“The flexibility of doing home PT means I can fit work outs around my busy schedule.

I don’t have to worry about getting to and from the gym meaning I have more free time.

Doing virtual PT means I can work out anywhere, meaning I never miss work outs, and can still do them when visiting friends or family for the weekend.”


Nicole – Translator

“As a freelance translator, Jennie has provided me with all of the tools to be in the best physical and mental health to run my business.

When I’m not at my desk giving my brain a serious workout in one of several languages, I’m working out with Jennie. After starting off with face-to-face sessions locally back in April 2019, I have since made the move to Spain and my Face-time PT sessions have still achieved amazing results.

As someone with a very sedentary job, I’m very lucky to be able to jump up from my desk here in Barcelona and straight onto my exercise mat for a challenging session with Jennie.

Jennie’s service is so much more than just personal training. She not only looks after your fitness needs, she also offers fantastic nutritional advice and general support on your journey.

I’m now a healthier, happier and more toned expat with a whole new routine and a love for keeping fit.

Jennie is so much more than a personal trainer to me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

My Services

Wellness at Home

Spa where you are with the best that creation has to offer. Award winning, results driven, anti-ageing skin care. Includes a free indulgent facial, spa tips and access to exclusive offers.

Wellness at Work

Using relaxation techniques with award winning, results driven products that aid rest and relaxation and improves productivity.  

Fitness Coaching

One to one or group Personal Training Online. 

Increase fitness, gain strength, lose weight and get in great shape.

7 Essential Building Blocks

7 Essential Building Blocks

These are the 7 essential building blocks that enhance your mental capacity, emotional intelligence and physical capabilities. 

Self Love

Self Love

Together we will look at your life experiences and delve into your emotions, good, bad and ugly. This session will result in you letting go of what is holding you back, aligning with what you truly desire and living with self compassions, self love and empathy.

Self Actualisation

Self Actualisation

Cultivating your skills, abilities and natural gifting’s which help you to find your true life’s purpose.

Self Worth

Self Worth

With Emotional intelligence and critical thinking you will begin to have a fire in your belly. Which will fuel your motivation and determination to achieve everything you desire. You will begin to SEE with clarity, FEEL optimistic and be hopeful that everything is coming into alignment.

Self Responsibility

Self Responsibility

Through guided meditation and visionary workshops, you will clearly see the steps that you need to take to ensure your dreams become reality.

Self Respect

Self Respect

A new feeling of self respect will give you the ability to begin to create a life you are proud of. You will seek out new adventures and enjoy your new found work/life balance. Work hard and play harder. You will attract new friends into your sphere of influence and enjoy socialising with others.

Self Expression

Self Expression

Together, taking into consideration the above, I will help you to find your true voice so that when you speak, you do it with confidence, courage and clarity. 

Self Awareness

Self Awareness

With self belief you will desire to get into the best shape of your life. Mentally, emotionally and physically.  You will resect what you put in your mouth, what comes out of your mouth and without fear take courage to ensure you are a high performer in every area of your life.

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